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21st Coordination Group meeting was carried out

The last 21st Coordination Group meeting was carried out on June 28, 2011 at Global Hotel in Addis Ababa. The major agenda for discussion were performance report of EAB, assessment presentations on “Beekeeping and Climate Change” by Mr Mulufird Ashagrie , “Policies and Legal Frameworks in Apiculture Industry of Ethiopia” by Mr gezahegne Tadesse and “Bee’s products Promotion and Marketing” by Mr Mulufird Ashagrie, and finally, the progress report of residue monitoring plan by Dr Girma Moges.

Based on the suggestion from the paper presenter and convincing discussion carried out in the house, a consensus was reached to establish forums on two major agenda and volunteer coordination group assigned. The forums considered are

  • Bee forage development and climate change adaptation.

  • Bee products promotion and marketing.

  • Each group consists of nine peoples of volunteers and representatives from concerned government and non-government bodies.

    Last but not least, the major emerging problems of the sector – adulteration and boarder trade – were brought to plenary discussion of the house and assignment taken by each participant to examine her/his area, to investigate the extent of the problems and come with possible solutions for next CG meeting

    EAB meet H.E. Mr Tefera Derebew to discuss the major issues in the sector

    The task intended to be delivered by the board is huge enough to be achieved by the effort of the Board only. Therefore, the Board is trying to strengthen collaborative actions among the major stakeholders. To this effect, the Board arranged time to discuss the major issues in the sector with the patron H.E. Mr Tefera Derebew.

    The major points addressed were participation on ApiMondia 2011 in Argentina, preparation in hosting ApiExpo Africa 2012, Residue Monitoring Plan for 2012, emerging problems of the sector such as boarder trade and adulteration, and support for capacity development of EAB. Fortunately, as a responsible person for the sector and as a positive thinker as well, H. E. reacted positively in all the cases brought to him and restated his willingness to assist the board to achieve stated common goals of the sector.

    APIEXPO AFRICA 2012, "Beekeeping for Food Security and Combating Climate Change”. Scheduled to take place between 26 & 30 Sept, 2012, at the Millennium Hall, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Share on Facebook