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Upon the establishment of EAB, it was evident that the board as a new entity had to mobilize resources and organize itself in such a way that it could manage resources with the objective of meeting its duties and responsibilities. As clearly elaborated above the capacity needs cover both resources and competencies. With this imperative a consultant reviewed the process of the development of CDP for EAB, and reviewed the proceeding of the strategic plan (SP) workshop for the purpose of aligning the capacity needs with the SP and developing a CDP framework for a discussion on another consultative workshop which was organized for this purpose one week after the SP workshop. Further, the draft SP was used as a reference for streamlining the CDP to the main strategic thrust of EAB.


Ethiopian Apiculture Board (EAB) aspires to see Ethiopia emerge as a leading producer and exporter of apiculture products.


EAB in partnership with governmental and non-governmental organizations promotes production and export of bee products through advancing the quality and safety of apiculture products, promoting domestic and export market, modernizing the information system, Capacity building of members and other producers and thereby improve the livelihood of the actors in the value chain.

Value Statements

  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Participatory planning and implementation
  • Partnership with stakeholders.


The following are a short version of the objectives to be achieved by EAB to develop apiculture sector in Ethiopia.

1. Contribute to the increase in Production and Productivity

2. Development of domestic and export market.

3. Quality and safety of apiculture Products maintained to international standards.

4. Advocacy and lobbing of sector polices laws and guidelines, and enabling 



The Board is the legal body representing the sector, promoting and safeguarding its interests. It is a multi-stakeholder platform that will coordinate development efforts within the value chain and promote collaboration among the different actors in the chain. The Board is seen as a platform for public-private partnership, where policy issues can be discussed and agreed upon.

The Ministry of Agriculture is Patron to the Board.

The major objectives of the Board are

  • To contribute to the increase in production and productivity
  • Development of domestic and export market
  • To ensure quality and safety production
  • To advocate and lobbying of sector specific policies, laws and guidelines and creating an enabling environment for the development of the sector.
  • In order to be able to discharge its responsibility, the Board came to hire Local Capacity Builder to establish management system for the Board Office and mobilize resources, through a financial assistance from SNV BOAM program.

    EAB forwarded small project to CDE in Nairobi, which is EU based organization and fund for some activities was released. The activities encompassed in the project are

  • Recruitment of local capacity builder (LCB)/manager for the country office
  • Participation in world’s great organic event in Germany to promote our products and learn new skills, knowledge and technologies in the sector and establish new market linkages
  • Development of web site for EAB to facilitate communication and other promotional activities
  • Assessing major problems in the sector and presenting for the stakeholders to learn from
  • To carry out experience sharing with beekeeping societies of England and Ireland
  • APIEXPO AFRICA 2012, "Beekeeping for Food Security and Combating Climate Change”. Scheduled to take place between 26 & 30 Sept, 2012, at the Millennium Hall, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Share on Facebook